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Ant And Dec To Return To America? Duo Hint They Want To 'Switch From Live TV To Sitcoms'

The pair have said that they've 'talked a lot about it this year'

Ant and Dec may be still having huge success in terms of their TV shows, but the cheeky duo have said that they'd really like to do a sitcom in America, as they revealed all about their career and future plans.

In the new issue of Radio Times magazine, Ant McPartlin has said that the pair would really like to go Stateside sometime soon: "We’ve talked a lot about the future this year."

"We love I’m a Celebrity, Britain’s Got Talent, Saturday Night Takeway, but they’re all live shows. The difference between doing a live show and a sitcom is that a sitcom can live on. If you do it well, it can leave a legacy, whereas most of our live work never gets repeated because it’s final, it’s done, you start again."

The presenters, whose Saturday Night Takeaway returns to ITV on February 23, have a particular kind of comedy in mind, saying: "We’re developing a silent comedy idea at the moment. It will take a couple of years and we might never get there, but it’s the way we’d like to go," Ant said.

Ant and Dec had an abortive attempt to crack America in the late 00s, after which they returned home and continued their success on British TV, but they may yet cross the pond again.

"We probably will try our luck in America again," Ant predicted.

Ant & Dec to return to America? (Photo: WENN)

"It never really worked because the network didn’t get behind us; it would need to be the right show. I think we’ve got one big push left in us, and we’d have to make sure it’s worth it. If it happens, it happens, but because everything is going so well over here, we’re not dying to break America."

The popular TV hosts also spoke out being insured if one of them were to die: "I’ve heard it’s a couple of million," Declan Donnelly said.

"However much it is, it would never be compensation for losing your best mate. I’ve never wanted to work alone since we started together. All the ideas we have are for the pair of us. There might come a time when we want to do something individually, but I think it’s a long way off."

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