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WATCH: Incredibly Young Bradley Cooper Quizzes Sean Penn On TV

Star looked for advice on In The Actors' studio

He's now nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, but Bradley Cooper was once like you or I, desperate to ask a question to the stars. In 1999, the Silver Linings Playbook star asked acting legend Sean Penn a question on the famous TV show In The Actors' Studio.

At a sprightly 24, Bradley put his question to the Carlito's Way actor, asking: “My question is regarding Hurlyburly [the 1998 film version of David Rabe's 1984 play, which Cooper also starred in], what was was it like to revisit it a character, Eddie, after a 10 year hiatus?

“Did you have new discoveries? Did you find that it was a different approach, because you had already done this character before?”

"Yes it was the first time I had done a film of something that I had done a play of,” Penn said, adding: “I think Marlon Brando once said '[a play] is something just shy of a film's rehearsal' and you really get to feel that when you're doing a play.”

As a rapt Bradley looked on, Penn continued: “Three weeks into the rehearsal of a play you think what have I been doing in these movies? How much more would I have found out if I had time to process.”

Brad sported a version of his current hairdo, although looked a lot blonder and younger back in the day.

Strangely considering Penn's advice the star has mainly done movies, with his only major time treading the boards alongside Julia Roberts in 2006's Three Days of Rain.

Penn added, talking to the future Hangover star: “The play ended up being an intensive rehearsal period for the movie, and then the movie becomes its own process.

“Also we came into it with a different director who shared the sensibilities of the production that we did [...] so there was something exciting about exposing that.”

WATCH: Young Bradley Cooper quizzes Sean Penn on acting

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