By Hannah Lane On February 16, 2013

As Gemma Arterton Punches Homeless Man: 10 Celebs Who've Been In His Place

Many A-list celebrities once slept rough

'Quantum of Solcace' beauty Gemma Arteton revealed on The Graham Norton Show last night that she once "properly punched" a homeless man in the face after he pinched her bum.

The former Bond girl admitted that she was ashamed of her actions afterwards and felt really bad about it. Is it possible though that the man could become a famous celeb just like her?

Many top end stars have been homeless and have even slept rough on the street whilst trying to pursue their dreams.

Luckily for these famous people their stories were real 'rags to riches' tales.

Oscar winning actress Halle Berry wasn't always so fortunate in life. The beauty spent a long time living in a homeless shelter when she was in her early twenties as her mum refused to send her any money.

Even hunk actor Daniel Craig was homeless at one stage in his life. The Bond star moved to London to become famous, but after years of failed auditions he found himself sleeping out on a park bench for many nights.

So there you go Gemma Arterton. Next time think before you punch, it may just be the next James Bond you smack!

Here are some more of the Hollywood elite who came from very humble beginnings, including Carmen Electra and Hillary Swank...

Model Heather Mills admits that when she was 14 she would sleep rough in Waterloo Station in London. After winning £24m off of ex-hubby Paul McCartney we doubt that will ever happen again! (Credit:

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