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By Kirsty McCormack On February 14, 2013

Beyoncé 'Keeps In Great Shape By Drinking £1.69 Tea' Which She 'Swears By'

The singer has been enjoying cups of celery seed tea for a while now

Many may think it was the result of hard exercise and healthy eating, but it seems that Beyoncé's enviable body is actually down to her drinking a cup of tea.

The 31-year-old star is said to drink cups of celery seed tea, and that is how she manages to stay in superb shape.

The world was left feeling a tad jealous of the mother-of-one earlier this month when she strutted her stuff at Super Bowl, but for just £1.69, ladies across the globe can take a leaf out of Beyoncé's book.

Beyoncé, pictured here on February 12, is said to drink celery seed tea to keep in shape (WENN)

"Bey's been drinking it for a while," a source told Now magazine recently. "She swears by it."

According to the magazine, "the 'super seed' tea is a diuretic so reduces bloating, as well as helping to keep blood pressure healthy and lowering cholesterol." Better get drinking then!

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