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By Rebecca Merriman On February 13, 2013

Should Robert Pattinson Be Worried? Patrick Schwarzenegger 'Hits On Kristen Stewart At Taylor Lautner's Birthday'

Kristen helped celebrate 'Twilight' star's birthday at bowling alley

Should Robert Pattinson Be Worried? Patrick Schwarzenegger 'Hits On Kristen Stewart At Taylor Lautner's Birthday'
Photo: WENN

She's one of the hottest stars in the world, so we're not surprised Kristen Stewart caused a stir at Taylor Lautner's birthday party on Monday night, with eye witnesses claiming Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick, who has previously been linked to Taylor Swift, hit on the actress.

The brunette, who is currently dating Robert Pattinson was reportedly targeted by the 18 year-old, but despite his best efforts, failed to be wooed by his charms.

A source told HollywoodLife: “Kristen at no time throughout the night was interested in flirting with any guy in the place, she was having fun with Taylor and friends. At the end of the day, it was all about Taylor and his birthday and having fun.”

They went on: “Saying that, it looked like Patrick Schwarzenegger had moments throughout the night that looked like he was flirting with her on more then one occasion. He was laughing with her and really paying attention to her in a way that showed he was more interested in her then the party at hand.”

“They didn’t leave together and it seemed as if accepted his lost quest for Kristen,” the insider added.

Patrick Schwarzenegger reportedly fancied a bit of Kristen Stewart (WENN)

Ashley Benson was amongst the stars who helped the 'Twilight' hunk ring in his 21st at a bowling alley in Los Angeles and while he was surrounded by friends it was Kristen, who he was most pleased to see.

"When Kristen Stewart arrived," an insider told E! Online, "he got super excited and gave her a big hug. It was more of a best friend moment."

A giggling Kristen Stewart and Taylor were spotted leaving the bowling alley together, dressed casually in hoodie and baseball cap it seemed like a pretty low key evening.

The actress' boyfriend Rob is currently in Australia filming 'The Rover' otherwise we reckon he would've been at the party as well.

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