By Georgina Littlejohn On January 30, 2013

Don't Tease Us! Mick Jagger Hints At Rolling Stones Glastonbury Performance

Legendary rocker suggested the band has been approached to headline the Sunday

They reunited for a number of anniversary gigs last year as they celebrated 50 years in the music industry - but have the Rolling Stones been tempted to return to the stage for one of the UK's biggest music festivals?

Well, according to frontman Sir Mick Jagger, the legendary rockers might be headlining Glastonbury this year after he hinted they had been asked to close the festival and headline on the final night.

The band have never ever performed at Glastonbury and fans are hoping that Sir Mick and the rest of the guys will fill this year's 'legend spot' on the main stage, but if Sir Mick is not just teasing, their hope could be a reality.

Speaking to NME, he said: "Well, I'm just looking at what offers are coming in for this year and sorting them out. I hate announcing things when they're not booked. People are always like, 'Yakety yak, you didn't do that in the end', and I say, 'Well, yeah - we never really announced it!'

"All I'm doing at the moment is sifting through the possibilities, looking at the dates and how each one can fit in and so on. And then we'll see what we come out with... There are other things in the world, you know, apart from Glastonbury! But then again, Glastonbury is very important. It seems to be very important to my children - highlight of their year!"

And he hinted that they had been asked to play the Sunday night and said: "But is it going to be rainy on the Sunday?... Isn't it nearly always rainy on the Sunday?"

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