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Is J-Woww Planning A Baby Already?

She's dropping hints: 'Roger wants children now...'

The number of Jersey Shore stars having babies or at least thinking about it appears to be sky-rocketing... now that's a scary thought!

Most of us would agree that the cast of Jersey Shore can barely look after themselves, let alone care for a small child. But this little detail doesn't appear to bother the reality stars beginning to pop out kids and/or start with the baby talk.

Snooki gave birth to little Lorenzo back in August, and now her co-star J-Woww is jumping on the bandwagon. She's currently planning her wedding, and insists she wouldn't have a baby before she was wed.

"I'm more traditional and wouldn't have babies before a wedding,” the 'Jersey Shore' star told In Touch.

Completely engrossed in the planning stages of her fairytale wedding, J-Woww insists babies aren't on the cards just yet. But that’s not what her hubby-to-be thinks!

“Roger wants children now,” she teased.

Can you imagine the havoc her kids would cause if they went to school with Snooki's Lorenzo? We reckon they'd have some pretty fun playdates!

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