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Imogen Thomas Books Caesarean After Finding Out Her Baby Is Still Breech

The reality star is disappointed that she can't give birth naturally, but has booked a date

Imogen Thomas is literally counting down the days until she gives birth to her first baby and the reality star has now revealed her nerves and excitement after booking a Caesarean following the news that her baby is still breech so she's unable to give birth naturally.

The pregnant 30 year old was disappointed not to be give the chance to give birth naturally, the Mail Online reports, but has followed doctors' advice to go into surgery.

Imogen revealed last week that her baby was breech and was hopeful at the time that she or he would turn around before she went into labour, but she found out today that her unborn child was still feet first.

She tweeted earlier today: "My date is booked for a c section! Eeekks! Nervous excited mixed emotions! Can't wait to meet my baby xxxxxxxxxxxxx."

After a negative response on Twitter from some followers accusing her of being 'too posh to push', she replied it was for medical reasons.

She continued: "For those of u criticising me for having a c sec...the doctor says I have to as my stomach muscles r too strong to turn baby."

A pregnant Imogen moves house (Photo: WENN)

Imogen admitted in an interview with New! magazine last week that she ideally wanted a water birth, but had prepared herself for the chance of having a c-section if the baby remained breech.

She told the mag: "I'd prefer a normal water birth because I've mentally prepared myself for it and giving birth must be the most painful but wonderful experience ever."

"I'd like to be able to go, "Is it a boy or girl?" and then pull my baby towards me. I think it's a mother's instinct."

"But then again, the baby's been breech the whole time - it's not moved at all. I still keep getting kicks down my lower belly, so really I don't mind as long as it comes out healthy."

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