By Alicia Adejobi On January 28, 2013

Rick Ross Crashes Rolls Royce After Attempting To Flee Gunman In Drive-By Shooting

The rapper was travelling with another person at the time but neither are injured

Rick Ross was forced to flee a gunman who opened fire at the rapper's Rolls Royce early on Monday morning, forcing Ross to crash the car.

The Maybach Music Group boss was reportedly travelling with his girlfriend Shateria L. Moragne-el in the early hours of January 28 when he crashed his luxury vehicle into a building on Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, when trying to escape a gunman who had opened fire on his car.

Rick Ross was driving the car at the time of the shooting (C.M. Wiggins/

According to TMZ, local reports claim that “dozens” of shots were fired at the Rolls Royce at approximately 5am, and while none of the bullets hit the car, several other buildings nearby were struck.

Another car reportedly pulled up beside Ross' Rolls Royce and opened fire, forcing the rapper to attempt to escape which resulted in the crash.

Police have confirmed that Ross was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident and the suspects had already fled the scene before officers arrived on the scene. No arrests have been made and the gunmen are yet to be identified.

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