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Brit TV Stars That Have Taken The USA By Storm!

We look back on the rise and fall of Brits journeying over to the States...

Brit TV Stars That Have Taken The USA By Storm!
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Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack is set to take on America soon to host the BAFTAs with X Factor host Dermot O'Leary. With this news in mind, we decided to take a look at other Brit TV stars who journeyed over the pond to America, to see who was successful and who wasn't as lucky.

Going over to America is a huge step in British TV star's career, many celebs have proved that it helps whereas others have proven that it isn't so easy.

One comedy duo learnt this the hard way as their US career was short-lived after a disappointing reception from the American viewers. Over in the UK we are ever so fond of the cheeky chaps that are Ant and Dec, but they did not seem to have the same effect on the Yanks. Back in 2008 the Geordie pair journeyed to America to start their new game show Wanna Bet? on ABC. However, it only lasted for one series of six episodes lasting just over a month. Even though the duo had little success in the US they have bounced back and are now as successful as ever back on British ground. America just wasn't for them!

Ant and Dec now host I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! (Photo: WENN)

Fearne Cotton is another well-loved British star who also decided to take the plunge and head over to the US. She presented The Guinness World Book Of Records Live and NBC's Last Comic Standing back in 2008. She took the chance to go over to America after turning down the opportunity to host the Xtra Factor for another year (after hosting it in 2007). Like Ant and Dec, the Radio 1 DJ just couldn't stay away from the UK and she is now back hosting a Radio 1 set, leading the panel on Celebrity Juice and designing a collection for Very - her stint in the US may be over but she is still as loved as ever.

Whenever anyone is off sick from work they will find themselves watching the drama on The Jeremy Kyle Show to brighten up their morning, but it seems the Americans did not take to it as well as us Brits. Jeremy also jetted off to the US to film the American version of his show, but after two seasons the show has been axed. After being nominated for a NTA, Jeremy won't be down for too long - he is still loved by all us faithful Brits!

Alexa Chung also, famously, decided to take the trip across the pond. Her show It's On With Alexa Chung ran for just over eight months but was then cut by MTV in December of 2009. She returned to the UK and continued her career on Channel 4 and it was as if she'd never been away - she is also a true Brit at heart.

Fashion icon, Alexa Chung, also went out to America with her MTV show It's On With Alexa Chung (Photo: WENN)

Even though America may be a bit too much for some Brits to handle, other celebs have smoothly made the transition to the other side and are truly settled in their new careers.

Russell Brand is a brilliant example of this. His career started to kick off over a decade ago back in 2000. He was originally a stand-up comedian but he was also a presenter, actor and columnist. He decided to take his talent to the US and has been loved ever since. Starring in films such as, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Rock Of Ages and Arthur, he is a true Hollywood artist now. Not only has he had a famous career in America, he also married pop princess Katy Perry. This Essex boy has certainly made his mark over in America.

Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne were both judges on the X Factor before going Stateside (Photo: WENN)

X Factor superstars Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne have also had success in the States. Everyone knows the name Simon Cowell, he launched X Factor USA two years ago and was a judge on American Idol for eights years. Sharon Osbourne was also a judge on America's Got Talent from 2007 to 2012. She also co-hosted chat show The Talk for three seasons. These British judges have proven that it is possible for British TV stars to make it over in America.

Last, but by no means least, Cat Deeley has also made it big in America. After hosting SMTV with Ant and Dec, Cat made the journey over the pond and is now a star over there. She is the host of So You Think You Can Dance? which she has been doing since 2006. She is also host to Fox's dating game show, The Choice. She also guest judged on Tyra Bank's America's Next Top Model. It's safe to say this lady has done well for herself in the States.

Cat Deeley has done well over in America on So You Think You Can Dance? (Photo: WENN)

However, America isn't everything. Bruce Forsyth has had a remarkable career on television and entertains us every week during Strcitly Come Dancing, but he was not able to crack America. Back in the '80s Brucie headed to the US to host the show Bruce Forsyth's Hot Streak, it ran for 65 episodes until being axed by ABC. However, this has not done anything to affect his career, he has since been awarded numerous times for his services to the entertainment industry, including being made a Knight Bachelor by the Queen. This stint in America is long forgotten!

Bruce Forsyth is still one of Britain's much-loved TV stars (Photo: WENN)

It is quite unpredictable what will happen to a young Brit making the move to the US, some have tried and sadly failed but for some it has had a huge and positive impact on their career. Let's hope it's the latter for Miss Flack!

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