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Did Lindsay Lohan Kiss Jersey Shore's Pauly D?

Snooki says so!

Is there anyone Lindsay Lohan hasn't kissed? According to Jersey Shore's Snooki, we can cross her co-star Pauly D off that list.

Snooki told Celebuzz "I feel like Pauly made out with [Lindsay] once. It was the first time in L.A., and I feel like she was flirting with Pauly - and I feel like they made out"

"That was like three years ago. I never met her, but I think she's great. Personally I like Lindsay. I think she's a fun girl and she's made a few mistakes and people think she's the devil for it.

Snooki added "That's life. Nobody's perfect. Yeah, she's made mistakes, but it doesn't mean she's a bad person. I think she's awesome. She used to be a great actress and hopefully one day she'll get it back."

According to Snooki, Li-Lo wasn't the only mega celeb in attendance that night. "Me and Jenni were like chilling with Leonardo DiCaprio, we thought we were so cool," she revealed. "I just told him that he's so hot in 'Titanic' and that I love him."

So Snooki says she's met a lot of famous actors - but there's one that she's especially keen to befriend.

"I like Kristen Stewart, a lot of people don't think she is pretty but I think she is beautiful, I like her weird lip, the strange faces she makes, and 'Twilight'. I think she's gorgeous," she explained, adding "I haven't met her - I wish!"

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