By Limara Salt On January 16, 2013

Charlie Sheen: 'Lady Gaga Offered To Give Me A X-Rated Lap Dance'

Pop star wanted to give the hellraiser a private show

Charlie Sheen has revealed that Lady Gaga offered to give him a naked lap dance.

The singer apparently said she wanted to film herself stripping off in front of him for one of her music videos.

According to Sheen, she told the hell raiser: "If there is one person that should receive this X-rated lap dance, it is you."

The actor was talking about the singer while talking about 'Machete Kills', an action film in which Gaga makes her acting debut.

The 46-year-old told The Daily Beast: "We didn’t share any scenes but I actually spoke to her on the phone. She wanted me to do a music video with her that was going to be the first X-rated video."

"It’s her going to this strip club, with Britney Spears or somebody, and they’re dancers and I’m the customer. I was so flattered, but we never spoke again."

He also revealed that he has no plans to settle down and is still trying to manage multiple girlfriends - but admits its is tough.

"I’ve been trying to pull off the multi-girlfriend thing and it doesn’t really work. It is tough. 'But it’s an experiment I’m not done trying. I think it keeps everything fresh, and as a guy, you explore your appetite."

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