By Jo Dodge On January 15, 2013

The Saturdays Keep In Touch With Their Pets Using Skype While Working In The US

Missing their pet pooches when away

The Saturdays spent four months thousands of miles away from home last summer while they were working in the US, so you can't blame the girls for missing their pet pooches who were back in the UK.

Nothing appears to have changed several months later with the girls in the States carrying out promotional duties for their Chasing The Saturdays and new single 'What About Us?', they miss their dogs so much that they regularly use the online video service as well as frequent phone images and updates.


 The Saturdays at NBC Universal's 70th Globen Globe Awards after party (WENN)

Mollie King told We Love Pop Magazine: “I did miss home, especially my dog Alfie. My Mum looked after him and we Skyped all the time.

"I'd call his name, 'Alfie! Alfie' and it broke my heart because he'd hear my voice and would jump off Mum's lap and run to the front door. Mum would have to say to him, 'No alfie, she's not here'”

Her bandmate, Frankie Sandford, also added: “My mum sent me loads of pictures of the dogs every day, with cringey messages like, 'Hi mummy, we miss you!”

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