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Lindsay Lohan's Father Agrees To Support Love Child

Actress's dad finally offers financial help to star's secret sister

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael is reportedly now paying child support for his love child Ashley Horn.

Michael fathered Ashley, who is the half sister of 'Mean Girls' actress Lindsay, in 1995 behind the back of ex-wife Dina while the couple were on a break, and the paternity was proven by DNA test on a US episode of television show Trisha last year.

Ashley's mother Kristi Horn allegedly told that she came to a private settlement with Michael, who has now agreed to settle outstanding payments of more than £186,000.

However, court documents obtained by Kristi were apparently filed in Michael's home state of Florida recently in a bid to force outstanding payments to be settled, suggesting they have not come to an agreement between themselves.

But Kristi insists she had no involvement in obtaining the documents and that they were simply routinely filed as the court order is still active.

Kristi is said to be waiting until Michael's fiancée Kate Major gives birth later this month to throw out the case permanently.

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