By Francesca Menato On January 11, 2013

Jersey Shore's Snooki Opens Up About Getting 'Bullied For Being A Pretty Cheerleader'

The notorious party girl apparently wasn't that popular at school

In an interview with Celebuzz, Jersey Shore star, Snooki has opened up about her time at high school. Despite being well loved by people her age, girls in older years were not her biggest fans; spreading lies about her and her friends.

"Me and my girlfriends, we were pretty girls - we were cheerleaders," Snooki told the site.

"The older girls didn't like us and I feel like they thought we were competition so they would make up nasty rumours about us and even me and you know, they would make me feel like a very low person."

Snooki looking very demure by her standards (Wenn)

Having suffered with these mean spirited girls, Snooki is adamant that others who experience bullying must remember that things will get better.

"I feel like if you are bullied, just remember and just know that you are a good person. And that's all that matters.

Her appearances on Jersey Shore have of course also provoked many reactions from people and the press.

"People have opinions, yes, and that's okay... Some people are ignorant so you have to deal with that."

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