By Francesca Menato On January 11, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow's Refuses To Diet: 'Not This Year'

This star's New Year's resolution will have nothing to do with giving up pasta!

In Gwyneth Paltrow's latest GOOP update she's told everyone, she will not be kicking off 2013 with a diet. The blonde bombshell is known for her healthy eating but insists that she loves cheese and pasta too much to cut it out.

In her January posting yesterday on her website she said: "I am not on a detox. I am not on a diet.I know, New Year’s cleansing and all that. Not this year. Can't do it."

The 'Iron Man' actress went on to talk of her diet plans in the future, saying, "maybe later in the year. Maybe in the spring."

"So for now, I would like to continue with my pasta and cheese, but perhaps be more mindful of ingredients."

The post, entitled 'Superfoods' went on to discuss her plans to take extra care over her choice of ingredients when she's cooking.

Gwyneth looking hot in white (Wenn)

"I asked my friend Dr. Frank Lipman about his list of superfoods so that I could incorporate them into my diet a bit more. If you are going to eat pasta, why not serve it with a walnut pesto (walnuts are on his list)? You get my point."

The star is set to release a new cookbook this year called 'My Father's Daughter', the book will be her second collection of family recipes and anecdotes.

Before Christmas Paltrow posted about 'Perfection' telling readers, "Striving for achieving a sense of perfection has been a misguided belief in my life, often leading me down the wrong path."

It sounds like the wife of Coldplay front man Chris Martin, is letting her hair down and having a nice relaxing break.

Not sure we'll see her piling on the pounds any time soon though.

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