By Deepika Rajani On January 10, 2013

Doctor Who Writer 'Terrified' Of Show's 50th Anniversary Episode

But Steven Moffat is also excited

Having succeeded in impressing Doctor Who fans with the Christmas special, the show's writer Steven Moffat has admitted to being "terrified" over the episode which will celebrate 50 years of the iconic show.

Despite the show always getting critical acclaim, Moffat confessed that he is still nervous.

Of the show's 50th anniversary, The Sun reported the writer as saying:

“I’m writing the 50th anniversary episode right now and it’s half exciting and it’s half absolutely terrifying. I feel tremendous pressure not to let people down. So that’s very hard.

Doctor Who got festive for Christmas (BBC Pictures)

Not wanting to let the fans down, Steven added: “You can’t please everybody all the time and it’s a mistake in a way to try. But you don’t want anybody to feel let down by a big anniversary episode.”

The anniversary episode will air in November.

However, before the iconic Time Lord starts a battle with a baddie on the show, Matt Smith,who plays the Doctor,  will have to do battle with Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch as both men have been nominated for the same award, 'Best Male Actor' as well as the shows being nominated for the 'Best Drama' gong.

We can't wait for the 50th anniversary episode. Can you?

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