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By Deepika Rajani On January 9, 2013

'You're Lucky To Even Be With Me': The Words Taylor Swift Said That Ended Harry Styles Romance?

New details of their 'row' have emerged

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It was reported yesterday that One Direction star Harry Styles and Taylor Swift had split during their romantic getaway after having a row and now, new details have emerged over what they reportedly rowed about.

According to The Sun, Taylor, whose romance with Harry was revealed when they were spotted spending time together backstage at the X Factor USA in December, is thought to have screamed:

"You’re lucky to even be with me."

Harry arrived home on January 7 sans Taylor (WENN)

The publication went on to allege that the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' star wanted Harry to be around all the time despite not doing the same with his fellow One Direction lads.

A source added: "Taylor knows she’s far more high-profile in America and way richer, and saw her career as more important. She always brushed off his schedule and needs and put hers first.

“When he complained his bandmates were getting irritated and she should do more to make things work, they started to yell crazy things. Taylor even yelled he was lucky to be with her.

“There were also problems over commitment. Harry wasn’t committed enough for her liking.”

However, US Weekly has claimed that it was something Harry said that ended his relationship with Taylor. An insider alleged:

"They had a fight, before adding that Harry "said something he shouldn't have …This [breakup] is definitely going to be for good."

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