By Owen Tonks On January 8, 2013

Conor Maynard Would Cry At Drake Meeting

Singer would become emotional if he met his idol

Conor Maynard would have to force back tears if he ever met or worked with rapper Drake.

The singer, 20, has teamed up with Rita Ora, Frank Ocean and Ne-Yo in the past but he would love to work with his idol Drake.

He told MTV News: “I went through a massive phase of just listening to Drake's music. I was just a massive fan of his music, and the way he writes is just incredible. He makes such simple, relatable tracks that work so cleverly. It's so weird how he writes.

“If I ever got the chance to work with him or got to meet him, I think it would be one of those moments where it's like, 'Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.' It would be crazy. I definitely look up to him as an artist.”

The singer went on to explain that he named his debut album Contrast because the music is not likely to be what people expect.

He said: “I named this album, my first album, Contrast because I think there's a massive contrast in what people may be expecting from the album.

“I think that if people are expecting a young, poppy kind of sound, it really isn't that. It's got a very kind of urban, mature kind of sound to it.”

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